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Voices: What I saw at the Flight 17 crash scene

HRAVOBE, Ukraine â?? It must be a mistake -â?? that was my first thought upon hearing last week that a civilian plane had crashed nearby. No way. It had to be a mistake.


A woman lay dead surrounded by empty cartridge casings, beer cans and a pool of her own blood.

JPSO drone buzzes over crime scene as more departments mull their use in

The Times-Picayune: As Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office homicide detectives scoured the Marrero intersection where a gunman had earlier opened fire, a small quadcopter hummed overhead, snapping photographs of the yellow evidence markers that indicated recovered shell ...

Police: ‘There Are Moments And Pictures That Our Staff Will Never Forget’ In Gory Craigslist Crime Scene

The crime scenes in the case of the latest Craigslist-related killer, Brady Oestrike — who’s linked to the gruesome deaths of a pregnant 18-year-old, her unborn child, and her 25-year-old… READ ON

Eye in the sky: Nova Scotia RCMP demonstrate new drone to be used by force

RCMP across Nova Scotia have welcomed five new members to their team who can go into dangerous situations alone, look at a crime scene like never before, or find a lost person in the dark. On Tuesday, Const. Mark Skinner … Continue Reading

Sheriff investigating Ypsilanti Township stabbing that spurred police pursuit and suicide on U.S. 23

YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP — A crime that began with a stabbing in Ypsilanti Township and ended with a suicide on U.S. 23 near Whitmore Lake Monday afternoon is currently under investigation by several police agencies.

New technology creates 3-D image of crime scenes Technology being introduced to investigators across Ohio helps them create a 3-D image of a crime scene that will project every detail to scale -- from the paths of bullets to the blood stains. This new technology comes in the form of a 3-D laser ...

Crime Scene: Grenade missed sign of cop killing to come, lawyer says

Arnold Kronick, who represented Gonzales at his criminal trial in 1981, said he was aware that there had been an incident in Village Court that led to a stipulation that Gonzales and his wife would eventually move out. But he said he had never heard a ...


Jury gets glimpse of crime scene photos

Nash showed the jury gruesome photos of the crime scene including Sewalt in an enclosed porch inside his home with a gunshot wound to the head. Several members of Sewalt's family left the courtroom when the photos were shown. Later, Nash played the ...

Testimony continues in double murder trial

Monroe News Star: A 12-person jury paid close attention in 4th Judicial District Court on Wednesday as Assistant District Attorney Geary Aycock presented bloody crime scene photos in a double murder trial. Demetric Whitlock was arrested in October 2012 in connection ...

Murder memorabilia site selling killer's crime scene photos - KCTV5

KCTV Kansas City: A murder memorabilia website is selling crime scene photos that were used in the trial to convict serial killer John E. Robinson Sr. in the state of Kansas. "It is sick ... what else can you think," said Carolyn Trouten, the mother of a Robinson victim ...

Oscar Pistorius murder trial: 5 things we learned as athlete returned after Police crime scene photos show it was present on 14th February 2013 but not the next day. It is not on a list of seized items and police do not know where it is. Defence lawyer Barry Roux made much of this, asking for an order for the prosecution to ...

UK, the world’s most surveilled state, begins using automated face recognition to catch criminals

Police in the UK have become one of the first major police forces to deploy automated facial recognition technology to catch criminals. The British police will be using NEC's NeoFace technology, which can match faces from crime scene photos or videos against a database of images in just a few seconds. Combined with the highest density of CCTV cameras of any country in the world, police body-worn ...

Ladewig murder trial: Jury shown autopsy, investigation photos

Lukes Ladewig’s trial Tuesday featured testimony both technical and graphic as the prosecution presented crime scene photos and the results of the autopsy of Ladewig’s late wife, Katie Pierce.

Jury gets glimpse of crime scene photos

A jury of five men and seven women began hearing testimony Tuesday in the high-profile murder trial of Troy Doud.


Website offers photos of serial killer's crime scenes

The operator of the website said he obtained crime-scene photos from a private citizen, who supposedly bought them from members of Robinson's family. However, Robinson's daughter said items for sale by the website were taken from her mother's trash.

3D laser scanner capturing crime scenes

3D has come to crime-fighting. Agents at the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation in London are using a 3D laser scanner at crime scenes to capture “millions of precise laser measurements and hundreds of digital photos.” The three-dimensional result is unmatched crime scene evidence that captures bullet trajectories, blood splatter patterns and other visual information. The 3D scanner rests on ...


SF police release photos of SoMa arson suspect

SFGate (blog): Authorities in San Francisco identified a man believed to be responsible for a series of arson fires around the city. The arsonist has been lighting fires in the past month at construction sites, in occupied buildings and in garbage cans and dumpsters ...

Students learn about forensic anthropology

STERLING — If you happen to be on the Northeastern Junior College campus today don't be alarmed if you see what appears to be a crime scene.


Looting at jet crash scene may hamper investigation

USA TODAY: Also missing was any organized way of categorizing the debris — description, location, photo — that is standard procedure for a crime scene. Nor was there any effort to secure personal items, such as a Winnie the Pooh bear or a Minnie Mouse lunchbox ...

Glowing trail of bloodshed: Photographer uses chemistry trick to uncover

Daily Mail: What happens after police detectives, crime scene investigators and news trucks leave the scene of a murder? That is the question that Angela Strassheim has set out to answer with her new photo series titled Evidence, which depicts domestic homicide ...

Nash: Pieces of the puzzle prove Doud's guilt

Jury gets glimpse of crime scene photos. Story · Comments · Image (2). Print: Create a hardcopy of this page; Font Size: Default font size: Larger font size. Previous Next. Doud trial. AUTUMN OWENS/E-T ...

Arrest in complex scam to get girls' bikini photos

SFGate (blog): ... Bomb scares, Burglary, California Highway Patrol, Car jackings, Caught on video, Child abuse, Child pornography, Citizen's Arrest, Court filings, Crime and technology, Crime Data, Crime towns, Crime victims, Death, Death penalty, Defendants ...

U.N Involved In Push For Russian Rebels To Vacate Death Scene, As Officials Look To ID Bodies; Plus 4 Other New ...

We’ve got the latest developments on MH17 , the Malaysia Airlines plane shot out of the sky last week over the Eastern Ukraine , leaving 298 passengers dead. Death Train… READ ON

Photos: Saturday at the Vancouver Folk Festival

After investigating a potential crime scene at the Pemberton Music Festival through Friday night and for most of Saturday, homicide investigators said they can’t rule out foul play in the suspicious...

Photos: Pemberton Music Festival heats up

Hip Hop musician ZZ Ward and rapper Kendrick Lamar entertained the crowds at the Pemberton Music Festival.

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